Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I can see the light

Amazing.....I survived the summer. Two fourteen week courses crammed into two six week terms......what are these people thinking? Fortunately, I passed both classes with flying colors, blood sweat and tears and I am beginning my last term of nursing school next Tuesday! (You can't seem me but trust me, I'm doing a happy dance!!!) It has been a long, hard summer and I'm anxious to begin the fall term. I think this whole process is beginning to wear on all of us. The kids have been very patient but they've had enough. I can see it all over their attitudes. I have so much running through my head and its been so long since I've posted that I'm just going to leave you with some summer funnies.

Scene: I walk into #1 son's room where he and Paddy both are in towels. All I did was call their names and #1 son yells in a panic stricken voice, "aaghhhh, you scared me!!". Paddy yells, "Mom, you scared me out of my crap!!!". Needless to say we now come up with every opportunity to use the phrase, "you scared me out of my crap"!!!

Yesterday I was leaving to go run some errands and Paddy says, "Be sure not to crash!"

We're driving down the street today and Syd sees a bumper sticker and reads it aloud for us all. Her interpretation: "God bless our soldiers. Especially the strippers." What the sticker actually said was "God bless our soldiers. Especially the Snipers." Quote of the day: "God bless the strippers!"

And its little moments like those that provide us with enough comic relief to make it through these seemingly never ending days of nursing school. When my mind is in a better place I will share with you the non HIPPA violating stories of my clinical experiences from the last semester!


Eva Gallant said...

God bless the strippers!

Just stopping by to say Hi from SITS; hope you'll do the saame. said...

glad you and your boys can laugh!!!

Bring on the stories :)

Candice said...

You are almost there now. There is light at the end of the tunnel and everything.

What area do you plan on going in once you are out of school?

rtfgvb798 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................